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Thursday, 26 October 2017, 02:00pm - 06:30pm

Time Agenda
13:30 Registration

Panel: At the peak of the summit

The biggest CLO manager, the biggest CLO arranger, the biggest CLO investor and the biggest CLO lawyer, sit down and plan the future.


Presentation: How much should we trust CLO model portfolios?

Every new CLO marketing brochure includes a detailed model portfolio. How do they match up to the eventual mix of assets? 


Panel: Making sense of risk retention vehicles

Four different managers with four very different risk retention vehicles explain how their structure works. What are the benefits for the fund investor, the manager and the CLO investor?

15:45 Coffee

Panel: Putting pension money to work in CLOs

Consultants and pension funds come together to discuss where CLOs should sit within a pension fund portfolio, and how a pension fund can get the best value out of their investments in the asset class.


Presentation: Getting CLO fund liquidity right

As Ucits funds, interval funds and other new vehicles embrace CLOs, what redemption terms are appropriate for different CLO strategies?


Panel: Would you buy it?

Four top CLO investors walk us through their investment process as they consider four CLO investment case studies. What are the key questions that every CLO investor should ask before they buy?

18:00 Cocktails

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