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Wednesday, 3 May 2017, 08:15am - 06:00pm

Time Back in business
07:30 Registration & coffee

Investor masterclass on CLO reporting

A closed breakfast session discusses in detail what investors should expect from their CLO reporting.
A separate booking is required for this investor-only session.


Investor masterclass: CLO documentation

A closed breakfast session discusses in detail what investors need to look out for in CLO documentation. 
A separate booking is required for this investor-only session.


Panel: Putting credit back in focus

QE is winding down, risk retention is in force, and deals are pricing on both sides of the AtlanticCan we stop worrying about regulation risk, and get back to worrying about credit risk?
Wynne Comer, BAML; Denise Crowley, Zais; Adnan Zuberi, BNP Paribas; Kevin Kendra, Fitch (moderator) 


Presentation: How to pitch your credit fund successfully

Simple but powerful techniques can revolutionise the impact of your pitch process. Paul Farrow, a partner at communication consultancy Benjamin Ball Associates, shares his 30 years of experience on what that critical pitch should, and shouldn't, say. 

11:30 Coffee

Panel: How to get first class returns for first loss risk

Investors looking for first-loss exposure have more choices now than ever before. Should they ditch their traditional CLO equity funds for the expanding range of retention vehicles?
Matthew Andrews, CIFCMatthew Layton, Pearl Diver Capital; Tom MajewskiEaglepointDebdeep Maji, TICC/Oxford LaneSean Solis, DechertTom Davidson, Creditflux (moderator)


Presentation: European regulation update

How worried should we be about new European risk retention regulation? Cadwalader partner David Quirolo represents the LMA on regulatory matters and is freshly returned from a string of meetings in Brussels. This is what he learned.

13:00 Lunch

Keynote: Expanding the global investment toolbox- why we bought a CLO manager

Woody Bradford, chairman and chief executive officer of Conning and Andrew Gordon, chief executive officer and co-chief investment officer of Octagon Credit Investors discuss their decision to join forces last year.


Panel: CLO relative value

Five months after the risk retention deadline where does relative value now lie for primary vs secondary CLOs, US vs Europe, mezz vs equity and compliant vs non-compliant deals.
Neil Desai, Acis Capital; Kevin Farley, Wells FargoChris Porter, S&P (moderator) 


Presentation: Why loan TRS is coming to Europe

CLOs aren't the only way to add leverage to a portfolio of loans, and in the US the market for loan TRS has been growing rapidly. BNP Paribas' Denis Gardrat explains why loan TRS can also make sense for the European market.

15:30 Coffee

Panel: Europe's CLO revival

The European CLO market is booming, with tightening tranche spreads, steady loan issuance and new managers and investors entering the market. What are the real opportunities and pitfalls?
Nikunj Gupta, Deutsche Bank; Dimitris Papadopoulos, Natixis; Cameron SaylerPaul Hastings; Dimitris C Papadopoulos, Natixis; Emanuele Tamburrano, S&P Paul Byrne, BNY Mellon (moderator)


Presentation: Trends in European loan covenants

James Slessenger, head of the European covenant analyst team at Xtract Research gives the definitive briefing on whats been happening recently in the European loan market.


Panel: How to buy loans.

Four old hands gather to give newcomers tips on navigating the loan market, how the US and European markets differ, effective strategies for getting allocations, making sense of covenants, dealing with syndicates, clubs and direct lending. The panel's job will be to draw up a top 10 list of dos and don'ts for budding loan buyers.
Jeremy GhoseInvestcorp Credit Management; Gunther Stein, Symphony; Steve Vaccaro, CIFC; Mike Peterson, Creditflux (moderator) 

17:45 Networking reception

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