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Time Agenda
10:00 Registration
10:30 Introduction
10:45 Panel: reaching for the stars

The four biggest managers in European direct lending discuss the state of the market

11:30 Primer: unregulated fund structures

A major shift is underway from regulated to unregulated fund structures. This is what you need to know.

11:45 Panel: how I learned to stop worrying and love leverage

External leverage has become a critical part of the European direct lending market, and CLO structures are coming back. What options are now available for managers, and what are the traps for the unwary?

12:30 Lunch
13:30 Panel: how to pick a direct lending manager

Investors and consultants share their tips on how to pick the winning funds out of the crowd.

14:15 Presentation: Germany gets hot

Long-ignored by the direct lending market German SMEs are now the hottest ticket in town.

14:30 Panel: when private debt becomes private capital

As traditional barriers between debt and equity investments blur a new phrase is creeping into the market- private capital. What do these new structures look like, and is this a positive or negative for investors?

15:15 Coffee
15:45 Panel: travelling lite

Cov-lite has finally made its way into the European direct lending market. What does that mean for sponsors, managers and investors?

16:30 Presentation: looking to Asia

Is the European opportunity now played out? What are the risks of looking east for better returns?

16:45 Panel: twist, stick or fold

Back by popular demand, four managers are given four challenging (theoretical) financings. Will they twist, stick or fold?

17:30 Cocktails

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