New developments in index and bespoke tranches

The draft 2020 agenda is now released, featuring our usual focus on bespoke tranches and index tranches, along with more detailed explorations of the impact of net-short language in loan docs and the push to bring managed bespokes back.

  • 15:30


  • 16:00

    Panel: bespoke tranches

    Issuance volumes; trading strategies; 3Y vs 5Y; liquidity; attracting real money investors; getting rated

  • 16:45

    Fireside chat: net short language

    Recent examples; prevalence / trends; disqualified lender status; practical impacts on CDS 

  • 17:15


  • 17:45

    Fireside chat: making managed bespokes work

    Basic requirements- tenor, substitution policy, management structure; investor sentiment; predicted volumes; next steps

  • 18:15

    Panel: index tranches

    Soaring volumes; dispersion; CDX HY vs iTraxx Europe; trading strategies; growing the investor base

  • 19:00

    Networking drinks reception

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