• Thursday October 15

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    Live Virtual Panel: State of the middle-market

    After everything 2020 has thrown at the world there is plenty for our panel of the best-known faces in the middle-market to discuss: 

    • What will be the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on middle-market companies? 

    • How are LPs responding to stressed portfolios and slow deployment? 

    • Where do the next set of opportunities lie in private credit? 

    • What is the future for BDCs? 

  • 10:00

    In conversation: How the boundaries between broadly syndicated and private are shifting

  • 10:30

    Networking Break

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    Fireside Chat

  • 11:30

    Live Virtual Panel: Deploying distressed dry powder

    There was already a mountain of dry powder waiting for distressed opportunities even before investors and managers alike responded to the pandemic with a fresh burst of fund-raising. So how will all of this money actually get deployed? 

    • What shape will this distressed cycle take? 

    • How can funds secure attractive investment opportunities? 

    • What portfolio metrics should LPs be looking at to make sure deployment is as safe as possible? 

    • What sectors and geographies are looking most attractive for distressed investors? 

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    Morning recap

  • 14:05

    Live Virtual Panel: Middle-market CLOs

    CLOs have become an increasingly popular way for investors to access the middle-market, and while the pandemic has slowed down issuance deals are still being printed. What does the future hold for mid-market CLOs? 

    • How are CLO portfolios performing compared with the wider market? 

    • What should managers do about stressed or distressed assets? 

    • How is investor demand holding up? 

    • How can CLO technology be applied to help finance BDCs?   

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    Networking Break

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  • 16:15

    Live Virtual Panel: Would you buy it?

    Hear how investment decisions are made at some of the top shops in the business as they decide which opportunities are worth bidding for. The (anonymized) case studies, based on recent deals in the market, probe deep into management style, appetite for risk and approach to structuring. 

    • What deal terms are sticking points? 

    • How much leverage is safe during a downturn? 

    • Is it time to take a risk on cyclical industries? 

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