Creditflux Manager Awards 2020

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    Introduction to the awards

    The hosts of the Creditflux Manager Awards 2020 introduce themselves and explain this year's Award methodology.

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    Awards ceremony

    Based entirely on performance metrics and data these CLO categories recognise deals which have delivered consistently high returns to their investors without compromising on portfolio quality, including for the first time non-traditional flex structures.

    - Best new US CLO

    - Best new European CLO

    - Best new middle-market CLO

    - Best European CLO redeemed in 2019

    - Best US CLO redeemed in 2019

    - Best high-flex CLO

    - Best European CLO

    - Best middle-market CLO

    - Best US CLO

    The awards for the best fund acknowledge the top performing CLO funds as well as direct lenders which have outperformed their peers with high returns and quality portfolios.

    - Best European direct lending fund

    - Best US direct lending Fund

    - Best closed-end CLO fund

    - Best CLO fund

    The manager awards also look at CLO performance, but go beyond individual deals to examine how all of a manager's CLOs are performing. To win one of these prestigious awards a manager will need to consistently deliver excellence.

    - Best middle-market CLO manager

    - Best European boutique CLO manager

    - Best European CLO manager

    - Best US boutique CLO manager

    - Best US CLO manager

    - Creditflux manager of the year

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